Laser – Inkjet Printer | GOLDEN TIPS TO BUY

How often your printing business works use a laser printer or an inkjet printer in every month? Laser Printers or Inkjet Printers made by different technologies but both of them used in daily business activities depend on your printing needs. Black and white, B/W, or photo printing needed will effect the costs of ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Better you read clearly all printing tips usualy provided in manual guidance.

These are 10 Quick Buying Tips will help you make the right decision in selecting the inkjet printer or laser printer that best fits your needs:

HP Laserjet 2300 laser printer
HP Laserjet 2300 laser printer

1> First decide what kind of documents you will print
Color, monochrome, text, graphics or photos. If you will print black text and won’t need color, you may want to go for a monochrome laser printer which offers the best text quality and speed. But if you’ll print high resolution photos you may want an inkjet printer which offers the best photo and graphics quality. If you want true photo quality outputs, go for the photo inkjet printers that specialize in photo printing.

2> Inkjet printers may seem affordable, but consider the cost of ink cartridges
Before you buy your inkjet printer, you can check the prices and yields (number of pages ink cartridge prints) of the ink cartridges and find out an estimate monthly cost according to the number of pages you will print in a month. Also, most inkjet and laser printers do not come with a printer cable that connects the printer to the computer. Include printer cable cost in your budget.

Epson Stylus CX8300 All-in-one Inkjet Printer

3> Laser printer toner cartridges prices will be higher than inkjet cartridges prices
But toner cartridges last much longer which makes their cost per page less in the long term.

4> Bear in mind that the speeds stated by the printer manufacturers are often higher than real life speeds
A typical inkjet printer print speed may vary between 1 to 28 ppm for black text and 1 to 20 ppm for color photo or graphics. A mid-range monochrome laser printer’s print speed may vary between 6 to 25 ppm for sharp black texts and 2 to 20 ppm for black & white graphics. A typical color laser printer’s print speed will vary between 6 to 20 ppm for black text and 1 to 12 ppm for color graphics.

5> If you print a large number of documents each month, make sure the inkjet or laser printer’s monthly duty cycle is high enough to cover your needs

6> Don’t spend extra money on some special features that you may not need
For instance if you are a home user you may not need a laser or inkjet printer with an Ethernet port (most monochrome laser printers have Ethernet ports).

7> Check the connectivity specs, USB port etc, of the printer.
Make sure the laser or inkjet printer is compatible with your computer.

8> Some laser or inkjet printers come with enough memory to print anything you’ll need
These printers do not allow printer memory upgrades. Others that do allow memory upgrades may not come with all the memory you need. So check if the inkjet or laser printer has enough printer memory for the types of documents you will print.

9> Choose a laser or inkjet printer with enough paper capacity.
So you won’t have to keep adding paper oftenly.

10> Make sure that the manufacturer of the inkjet or laser printer provides convenient technical support services and driver updates on their website.
If the driver’s broken or scratch, you could donwload any similiar software printing in the internet. Get free download ebook printing guide too.


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