ALLPACK Indonesia 2010

ALLPACK Indonesia 2010

Event Pameran ALLPACK dan ALLPRINT Indonesia 2010

ALLPRINT Indonesia 2010
ALLPRINT Indonesia 2010

ALLPACK Indonesia 2010 & ALLPRINT Indonesia 2010 – Pameran International ke-11, menggelar Info Bisnis Teknologi Mesin Percetakan Kemasan Terbaru (Mesin Packaging/Pembungkus) Makanan, Produk Farmasi, Sistem & Pengolahan Bahan Baku beserta Supply-nya.

The 11th International  Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic Processing & Packaging Machines Exhibition. It would be featuring the Technology, Machinery, Materials System and Supplies for: Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging • Refrigeration • Automation • Material Handling • Quality Control and Testing system • Bottling • Canning – organized by Krista Media Pratama PT.

It will be held at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Jakarta, Indonesia bewteen 27 to 30 October 2010 within conjunction in the same time and place of  ALLPRINT Indonesia 2010.

Fitur: Teknologi Mesin Terbaru Percetakan Packaging, Pengolahan, Sistem Bahan Baku, dan Supplies untuk :

  • Teknologi Pengolahan & Kemasan Makanan & Minuman
  • Proses Pencetakan Kemasan dan Pengolahan Produk Farmasi
  • Pemrosesan & Pembungkus Kosmetik
  • Mesin Cetak Packaging – Bottling – Plastic – Refrigeration
  • Sistem Otomatisasi – Penanganan Material
  • Quality Control dan Sistem Pengujian
  • Pengalengan

Didukung oleh:

  • Ministry of Trade of Indonesia Departemen Perdagangan Indonesia
  • Ministry of Industry of Indonesia Departemen Perindustrian Republik Indonesia
  • Ministry of Health of Indonesia Departemen Kesehatan Indonesia
  • Indonesia Packaging Federation Federasi Pengemasan Indonesia
  • The National Agency of Drug & Food Control Badan Nasional Pengawasan Obat & Makanan
  • GAPMMI Indonesia Food & Beverage Association GAPMMI Indonesia Asosiasi Makanan & Minuman
  • Indonesia Pharmaceutical Association – GP FARMASI Indonesia Pharmaceutical Association – GP Farmasi
  • Indonesia Pharmaceutical Materials Management Club – PMMC Indonesia Pharmaceutical Material Management Club – PMMC
  • Association of Enterpreneur for Laboratory and Health Equipments – GAKESLAB Asosiasi Pengusaha untuk Laboratorium dan Peralatan Kesehatan – GAKESLAB
  • Indonesia Association of Exhibition & Convention Organizers Asosiasi Indonesia dari Penyelenggara Pameran & Konvensi
  • SIngapore Manufacturers’ Association Produsen Singapura ‘Association


A complete food technology show which is for bakers, restaurants, snacks & sweet manufacturers & person belongs to food industry. Consultants, Convenience Retailers, Departmental Stores Managers, Dieticians / Nutritionists / Food Technologists Architects / Designers / Engineers, E-Retailers. Restaurant Management, Bakery / Confectionery Manufacturers, Airline / Institutional Catering Management.


The Packaging Printing Technology, Printing Machinery, Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging, Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging, Bottling, Plastic & Wrapping, Refrigeration, Automation, Materials Handling, Quality Control and testing System.

Penyelenggara Pameran :

KRISTA EXHIBITIONS – PT. Kristamedia Pratama

Jl. Blandongan No. 28 D/G, Jakarta 11220, Indonesia

Telepon: +62 21 6345 861, 6345 862, 6334 581, 6345 002

Fax: +62 21 634 0140, 634 2113



Event Pameran terkait pada waktu dan tempat yang bersamaan:

Supported by:

ALLPACK Indonesia 2010 | Supporting Board


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